WHAT IS TrailWeek about? TrailWeek is a team of passionate trail runners, organizers of trail events and outdoor enthusiasts. It offers a new aproach to active travels and/or preparing you for specific events. It means that while you are on a vacation, you also spent your time out on different terains running with your coach; getting more than just an average tourist visit.

Trail running is not only about competiotion, running or endurance, but also sightseeing, having fun, socializing with other athletes and outdoor lovers.

HOW IT WORKS? You simply chose from one of our options about the location, date and type of vacation. For rest we take care. If you are a recreational runner or a begginer, a TrailWeek Camp is your choice. On the other hand, if you already have experience with trail running, and you want to race, we arrange you race tickets with full accomodation at the best fares! And at a same time you still get to train with us and explore the surroundings.

WHY US? Because we are passionate about what we do. We want to give our clients the best outdoor experience they can get! And at a same time also get the oppurtunity to explore the place. Our philosopy is simple. We offer our clients four crutial things:

  • SPORT To go outdoor, to recreate, to breathe
  • CHALLENGE Proving yourself that you can do much more
  • EXPLORE Natural/coltural monuments, seeing new places
  • SOCIALIZE Become one with people who you run with, become one with nature



 Alpine Instructor, MTB Guide, Trail Running Guide

Since I was child I have always been connected with nature and mountains, but just after many trekkings and hikings a real passion started inside me for mountains, at the age of 22. I started on my own, it was really a passionwhen I looked at mountains. Inside I felt the sensation that that place, those mountains, belonged to me and that I belonged to them. I started as an alpinist, later becoming alpinist instructor. Preparation for challenging and demanding alpine ascents and expeditions led me to running, more precisely trail running in the mountains. It was the best part of fitness endurance preparation for alpinism. After several years doing alpinism seriously, I started running more frequently, and more and more training hours were dedicated for running other then climbing. Alpine community was also a base to organize Ultra Trail Vipava Valley – Slovenia where I lead the organization.
Outdoor means for me the most, thus I left regular job as a manager in an international company and started on my own. As a founder of outdoor agency Alpe Adria Adventures, now together with my colleges, I am creating a story of a TrailWeek.


 Alpinist, MTB Guide, Trail Running Guide

Born under mythic mountain Nanos, where iconic UTVV takes place, I was regular guest running on its summit since I was 12. It was my favourite activity to kill study time after school. Over the years I began to climb, to ski, to ride MTB and to paraglide. Many times after school I went solo climbing easier routes that lead on mount Nanos and than ran back home. My passion for outdoor sports drove me over different places in the world, but stressing out running on Nanos still remains my favourite outdoor activity. Due to alpinism I meet co-founder of UTVV race Boštjan, with whom we went along climbing and skiing in the mountains. Since we both share same passion for outdoor, we got an idea to create something together. I left my job as an international truck driver that was taking most of my time and stepped together organising unique trail adventures for runners from all over the world, now called TrailWeek.